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Can you use Windex to clean skateboard bearings?

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How to wash bearings? [Archive] - Skateboard-City Forumput them in a bottle and cover the barings in windex and microwave it until it starts to rise. when it starts to rise, open the microwave. repeat 3 

How to Clean Skateboard Bearings: 15 Steps (with Pictures)Cleaning the bearings will decrease normal wear-and-tear on your board, increase its You can do this easily by using a socket wrench, ratchet or skate tool to SkatersCafeJun 26, 2009 — Thread: glass cleaner for getting dirt out of bearings? get a spray can of luberacint i used it and the **** that they sell at the skate shops 

Can You Use Windex To Clean Skateboard Bearings?
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How to Clean Skateboard Bearings with Household ItemsAug 20, 2020 — Then rinse it with water. What's the Best Way to Clean Ball Bearings for Skate? You need to take any solution like Windex. A simple spinning 

Bearing Maintenance - How to properly clean your skateboardSkate The Planet article about Bearing Maintenance and how to properly clean your If you ride through crap, clean your bearings right after your session, not after all the crud If you use a water-based cleaner, make sure you dry the components You might think rubbing Windex and a napkin around the outside seems Good stuff to clean bearings whats good stuff to clean bearings with because i got a chunk of dirty in them and turps or metho will do but shellites the best, dosent leave any residue like its all dried and then put em in your wheels and skate around a bit till it melts thats' 

Can You Use Windex To Clean Skateboard Bearings?
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Can you clean bearings with Windex? - HomeXRoll the wheels and windex (WILL BE EXTREMELY CHOT) dry them, and put them on the wheels. Can you use Windex to clean skateboard bearings?Can you use Vaseline on bearings? - AnswersToAllJump to Can you use Windex to clean skateboard bearings? — pour out bearings and windex (WILL BE EXTREMELY HOT) dry them out, and pop them in your 

How To: Clean Your Longboard Bearings – Motion BoardshopHow to thoroughly clean your longboard bearings step-by-step with video explanation. Lastly lubricate your bearings with a tiny drop of skate lube and put the How to Clean Skateboard Bearings with - EliteSkaterIsopropyl alcohol and acetone are two of the most effective organic solvents that you can use in cleaning the bearings. Cleaning Skateboard Bearings Using 

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